Installation Art.
[work list]
  1. One Take. Video installation: image-writing and voice performance. 2002/2012.
  2. All About Cinderella 《灰姑娘誌異》at "Playground" 《好玩場》, curated by Phoebe Man, a video/performance/installation art event for and at the Kao Yuan Art Center 高苑藝文中心, Ko Yuan University 高苑科技大學, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 21Dec 2006 to 21 Jan 2007.
  3. 1841 – 201X / San Yuan Li – Hong Kong – Da Tang Jie – San Yuan Li 《1841至201X/三元里-香港-大塘街-三元里》(混合媒體裝置). 'One World Exposition' at Osage, 9 Dec 2011 to 8 Jan 2012
  4. 1906-1989-2012: Guangzhou-Hongkong-Shanghai-Anji 1906-1989-2012∶ 广州-香港-上海-安吉》, 9th Shanghai Biennale 第9屆2012上海雙年展. 2 Oct 2012 to 31 March 2013.
  5. Mnemonic Archiving: a Dispersive Monument 《記憶存庫:流散的碑誌》at 'THE THIRD SCRIPT' with Boo Junfeng 「第三腳本:巫俊峰和黎肖嫻聯展」, curated by David H.Y. Chan for Pearl Lam Galleries-Singapore, Gillman Barracks, Lock Road, Singapore. 7 May - 3 July 2016.
  6. Object-Subjectivities重塑:東西遊戲at "NO REFERENCES: A Revisit of Hong Kong Video and Media Art from 1985"「沒有先例:一次重塑香港錄像和新媒體藝術敘述的嘗試」, curated by Su Wei and Phoebe Wong / Videotage / Cattle Depot. (satellite exhibition of ISEA 2016 Hong Kong. 19 May - 15 June 2016.
  7. Blasting Modernities 1930s: Techniques of the Self 《「摩登」法寶:眾聲喧鬧1930s》at "In Search of Miss Ruthless"「尋找無情小姐」 curated by Hera Chan and David Xu Borgonjon, Para Site Hong Kong. 30 June to 10 September 2017.
  8. Mnemonic Archiving: a Dispersive MonumenHK 《記憶存庫記我城 :流散的碑誌》at The Third Script 2.0 「第三腳本2.0」curated by David H.Y. Chan, Pearl Lam Galleris-SoHo, Sheung Wan Hong Kong. 21 September - 27 October 2017.
  9. Ruminations: a Montage of Hong Kong's (post)Coloniality 《東擺西擺:香港殖民後殖民的沈思》, at "The Sun Teaches Us That History is Not Everything"太阳教会我们历史并非一切(群展)  curated by Raphael Fonseca for Osage Art Foundation, Hong Kong. 25 March - 5 May 2018.
  10. Threshold Crossing: the Cartographic Imaginary 《越界藍圖》, at "Cabinets of Curiosities: from the Natural Sciences to the Art of Nature"「藏珍閣」, French May 2018, 25 May to 19 August 2018.
  11. Object-subjectivities: a Techno-Saga 《東西遊戲:科藝漫遊》(2018) [see Digital Interactive Art/Installation] [quick external link]
  12. The Lost Textures《異質地誌:褶疊待延的皇后大道》(2019), at "Exit Strategies" curated by David HY Chan, for H Queen's public art project, 1 March - April 2019.