Immersive Poetry 秘語靈機

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Linda Lai, Theresa Junko Mikurya, Ray Chan & Keith Lam (2004) at the Writing Machine Collective 1st edition (WMC_e1), June-July 2004

Immersive Poetry transformed existing works of photograph-text dialogues onto the cybertext platform. It has pre-scripted tropes of journeying (navigation) through which readers enter a fictional text-image world composed of real-life fragments. The tropes, however, are not single, isolated, linear tropes. Since each photograph and each text is coded with different meanings, they freely combine and recombine, contradict and multiply one another. This would result in a broad range of poetic immersion based on the parameters written into the "machine" which governs the permutational possibilities.

As interactive poetry, the crisscrossed journeys of photographic images and texts are created by the method of Automatism. The resulting piece is a mystical journey, both a work of poetic immersion as well as a writing/ imaging-thinking device with which the users/ readers experience the unexpected. Material fragments of everyday life form a highly personal city that is at once familiar and alien.


挑戰傳統電子書的敘事形式,探索作者/讀者互動閱讀的種種可能,Immersive Poetry 透過電子媒體技法,以重新格式化的聲音、影像、文字,動態演練前作 象文.文象 的二人對話。

讀者可以想像躍過 象文.文象 亂序的頁間絮語之後,動一動指頭,如同施展法力魔術,在多次元書寫空間中自由漫步。