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The Writing Machine Collective edition 4 (exhibition) - "Computational Thinking in Existing Art Forms," Jan 14-30, 2011, Hong Kong

Interactive, networked installation

Linda LAI

What’s in common between scribes copying manuscripts in the medieval age and female workers in garment factories in Hong Kong in the 1960s? Look for the scattered individual stations of their invisible assembly line. Intervene. Your casual input would endow upon an automated system new authorship and moments of play.

...Scriptoriuim, literally 'a place for writing', purposefully integrates installation art, collage/decollage, code-writing (computational algorithm), critical investigation of textual production (cultural studies) and media art -- to playfully engage with the 'sociology of texts' (Don McKenzie, 1960s and 1970s) and the history of the books (Robert Darnton and Roger Chartier, 1980s and 1990s).

The variety of activities the normal visitors would engage in this work range from book-making, narrative construction (story-making), script design/invention, typographic fixing, and the tracing of original writing on a “palimpsestic” surface. Employing traditional terms in printing and publishing, the work flow can be understood analogically as follows:
Sourcing from the codex --> Punching --> Scripting --> Compositing --> Authoring àPreparing the exemplar --> Stereotyping --> Printing --> Recovering

The work flow, made possible only with visitors’ participation, is hidden from the Scriptorium, but scattered around the WMCe4 exhibition venue, and disintegrated into independent graphic and writing events. [read full synopsis & artist's statement...]

Technical Artist / Gary NG
Scribes / Doris POON, WONG chun-hoi, Frank LAM
Coordinator for manuscript production: Jolene MOK








技术协力 / 伍紀穎
抄写员 / 潘韵怡、黄镇海、林杰恒
缮写协调 / 莫颂灵