Who is Singing? …Donald, Can you hear me?(中文版)

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Lawrence CHOI / Linda LAI

In the summer of 2005, when this work was first conceived, Donald Tsang was acting SAR Chief in place of Tung Chee-hwa. Opinion on whether he would do better than Tung was split. But for sure cleansing the SAR of her negative energies developed under Tung’s rule was a major burden on Tsang. I had already been a bit pessimistic, not sure whether Donald the SAR Chief could remain the same Donald. (The events of the past two years have spoken for us…) My intuitive response was to deploy the chant form – half-speaking and half-singing mode still in use in Anglican and Catholic services.

I grew up to like Medieval religious sounds, and chants for me retain that charm. Chants soothe, pacify, and calm one’s mind. That is precisely why, too, that chants are to me disquieting: for whatever words are inserted, a chant tames its content, moderates pulsating emotions, and in the end becomes the sure tool of conformity to authority. I wanted, in my “singing machine,” the subversion of the chant form: strict formal tailoring or fitting would turn words, originally loaded with meanings, into gibberish and non-sense. Somehow, I felt that views expressed to the government were often received like foreign tongues.

One and half years have gone by. Donald Tsang’s de-localizing initiatives are more than ever at odds with the growing awareness to affirm the core and complexity of a local culture of Hong Kong. The defense of the Star Ferry clock-tower opens up more profound issues on civil government and micro-level practices of democracy than just heritage conservation.  How do I situate my “subversive chants” in the context of the latest events?

In this exhibition, Who is Singing?...Donald, can you hear me? consists of two parts, a sculpture-like installation for sound work, and a set of computer for interface, whereby visitors can sit down to review recent discussions of the Star Ferry events and to leave a message to Donald Tsang, be it warning, criticism, advice, plea, sharing, recommendation, command and so on.

蔡智揚 / 黎肖嫻



時至今天,保護天星行動掀起民間廣泛的對本土文化政治的反思,曾蔭權的「去本土」大計成為自覺於本土文化的進步社會文化力量相對立。(見朱凱迪2006年12月26日《獨立媒體》的“本土行動 匯聚皇后今晚開始!”)我突然覺得這個一年半前開始的作品有點趕不上。



作品由兩部分組成 – 一個會發聲的裝置,和可供到訪者輸入文字的電腦介面。
“曾特首,請…” 或 “曾特首,請不要…”