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Trespassing world cities (中文版)
(28 min. 2005)

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From the 4748 Moons and 13 Elliptical Years series
Linda Lai’s visual auto-ethnography (1990-2004),
a video cycle in 7 parts / completed 2005, HK

Trespassing World Cities records how I struggled away from the tourist video style to seek for an impersonal form to pose my response to a world of big cities whose individual distinctive is increasingly blurred. This is a travel journal in the literal sense of the term. The video records my walking through a dozen of major cities around the world, repeating routes and activities, between 1999 and 2005. The mythology of the multiple colors of diverse world cultures shatters. I found myself doing the same things, repeating places I have visited, and inside my mind is often a totally different world irrelevant to the places I visit. Globalization is a popular catch word, the token of economism. Personally speaking, it is a form of irony.

Citation: notes by Dr. Kimburley Choi, a cultural theorist [link/read]



(28 min. 2005)
黎肖嫻自傳性民俗研究式錄影七部曲 (1990-2004)/ 完成於2005年

該如何去記述每年一至兩次的假期旅遊呢?遊走於世界名城聽上去很浪漫,暗底裏,我的悠蕩是綿綿的重複 -- 都是瘋狂的徒步走(因為我家香港人擠路狹不好走),每日兩杯風雨不改的特濃咖啡,念平時沒空看的書,更多的時候是帶著沒完或是要趕著完成的思想工作沿途處 理 -- 這些我都心知肚明。城市我一個一個的走過,然後我開始留意到自己的一些偏好,也留意到全球化如何默默的把城市的面貌逐步的統一,地標、符號、連鎖店、後現 代的摩天建築…,文化差異在小街角在樓梯底在小店餐桌上的醬油瓶裏等待著閱讀。旅遊開廣見聞是當代的消費神話,是個人欲望的化身,是親身到鄰舍那裏挪用他 們的外來品化作可咀嚼的“本地色彩”。然後,有一天,我一個摯愛的學生在認真的觀察,以飄浮作策略去介入現代城市之際給謀殺了…。《搖擺過路人》就是我的 自我批判,對機械性與重複再一次的揣摸。

Production details / Credits:
Narrative/Text/Sound design: Linda LAI黎肖嫻 / Camera & footage: Linda LAI 黎肖嫻 / Editing: WOO Ling-ling 胡玲玲 / Additional  footage: Hector RODRIGUEZ 羅海德, WOO Lingling 胡玲玲, Millie CHAN 陳敏兒 /

Screening history 放映歷史:
Jury’s Selection from Open Call for the "Women Make Waves Film Festival 2006" (Taipei, 13-27 October, 2006) 女性影展2006公開徵件評判團入選參展作品 (臺北 / 2006年10月13-27日)