in published art catalogues
  1. "Tracing Data: What You Read is Not What We Write
    For the "Writing Machine Collectives 5th edition" (a new media art event on code-based programmed Forms" 9-22 Oct 2015 / Hong Kong [COMING SOON]
  2. "Computational Thinking in Existing Art Forms”
    For the "Writing Machine Collectives 4th edition" (a new media art event on code-based programmedForms" 14-30 Jan 2011 / Hong Kong [COMING SOON]
  3. “Writing and Machine as Sites”
    For the "Writing Machine Collectives 2nd edition" (a new media art event on code-based programmed works to explore performative automation in language) Jan-Jul, 2007 / Hong Kong
  4. "Must We Only Contemplate? The Political Ideals of the Writing Machine Collective 2nd Edition" (co-written with Janice Leung)
    For 1a space Newsletter (April 2007) on the "Writing Machine Collectives 2nd edition"
  5. 是序言也是總結∶如何去接觸叢生的地下根莖?〉
    "Prologue for Epilogue: entrapment, or rhizomes in the process of making" For Re-fabrication (a research-based retrospective on local veteran artist Choi Yan-chi's art practices 1975-2005, as part of the "Hong Kong Artists of the 1980s" series) Nov-Dec, 2006 / Hong Kong
  6. 微敍事
    "Micro narratives… (Micro-narratives)
    For Micro-narratives: Invented Time & Space (a video installation/sculpture on the texture of urban living) Apr 8-28, 2006 / Hong Kong
  7. “Generative Experiences: art-making as procedures and classification”
    For Take a ST/Roll 《圓.遊.會》(a reserach-based project on anamorphic imaging) Mar-Apr, 2005 / Hong Kong
  8. "Retrieving an Old Thesis: Gazing at the Screen"
    For 3rdtxt ("Third Text: Image + Media 03") (an international experimental media art festivall) May-Jun, 2003 / Hong Kong
  9. "A Matter of Ownership • A Matter of Discourse:
    Making/Writing/Reclaiming the Stories of Our City"
    For the exhibition catalogue A matter of Ownership (2005)