Art Curatorship.
digital art/new media
  1. "Writing Machine Collective I"
    「文字機器創作集」第一辑 Jul-Aug, 2004, 1a space, Hong Kong
  2. "I See Where You Are 'In Central'" 《咁點去?》in the Microwave International Media Art Festival 2005; City Hall Lower Block, Hong Kong, November 2005. (produced with Justin Wong)
  3. "Writing Machine Collective, 2nd edition"
    | Writing & Machine as Sites另一種場所:書寫、自我衍生的流程》 | Jan-Jul, 2007 / 1a space + Videotage, Hong Kong Kong
  4. "Writing Machine Collective, 3rd edition" 「文字機器創作集」第三 辑| May - June 2008, as part of Digitalogue, the Hong Kong Museum of Art [Vimeo documantation: interview series]
  5. "Writing Machine Collective, 4th edition"
    | Computational Thinking in Existing Art Forms 《藝術創作中的運算思維》 | Jan 14-30, 2011, Youth Square, Chaiwan.
  6. Descriptions of Hearing
    Feb 11-Mar 25, 2012. Curated with Liao Chien-chiao 廖芊喬. for Digital Art Centre Taipei台北數位藝術中心
  7. "Writing Machine Collective, 5th edition"
    | Tracing Data : What You Read is Not What We Write 《讀寫靈機:唧唧復唧》| 9-22 Oct 2014 Connecting Space [quick view on Vimeo]
  8. "Writing Machine Collective, 6th edition"
    「文字機器創作集」第六集 | Cinema Expanding: Visualizing the Unseen 《象裡有象:通電造影》|
    30 Aug - 21 Nov 2018 Sheung Wan Civic Centre
  9. Algorithmic Art: Shuffling Space & Time
    (an art-science dialogue 科藝對談)27 Dec 2018 - 10 Jan 2019 Hong Kong City Hall Exhibition Hall | for the 20 years of the School of Creative Media