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Writings on my art

  1. Linda Lai: "Monatge as Critical Strategy: Fragments, Networks, Theory" - on INDI-VISUAL: Linda Lai, solo screening at EXiS 2017, Korean Film Archive, Seoul.
  2. Yunyi Lau: "The Third Script: Boo Junfeng and Linda C.H. Lai at Pearl Lam Galleries"; THE ARTLING, uploaded 10 May 2016.
  3. Bianca Lei: "Writing the Fracture and Immersion of Memory Texts: Linda Lai Video At Solo Screening"; EXiM (Experimental Film & Video Festival in Macau), November 2015. 李少莊:「書寫記憶文本之斷裂與滲透:黎肖嫻錄像藝術放映」,澳門實驗電影錄像節2015。
  4. Clare Tyrrell-Morin: "Hong Kong's Emerging 'Occupation Points': Linda Lai - Interview"; ART RADAR, uploaded 4 September 2015.
  5. Linda Lai: "'Door Games Window Frames: Near Drama': Generative Cinema"; long-text presented at the 16th Generative Art Conference (GA 2013), Triennale, Milan. [pdf...]
  6. Josef Bares: "Linda C.H. Lai at Shanghai Biennale 2012" on website East Contemporary, uploaded 24 March 2013.
  7. "What You Read is Naot What We Write" (Linda Lai & Hector Rodriguez)
    For the Writing Machine Collective 5th edition - "Tracing Data"《唧唧復唧唧》, 9-22 Oct 2014, Connecting Space, Zurich and Hong Kong. [COMING SOON]
  8. Linda Lai: "Another Conversation on my Feminist Take," a written interview on request, uploaded 19 January 2013.
  9. "Description, attention, the phenomenology of perception and cognition"
    For the exhibition "Descriptions of Hearing"《聽覺摹寫》, Feb 11-Mar 25, 2012, Digital Art Center Taipei / Taiwan
  10. 邱誌勇:《台灣與香港新媒體藝術的契機 II:「聽覺」與感知的再思考》,採訪:貢幼穎/整理:貢幼穎,[New media art: chances for Taiwan and Hong Kong, part 2 / ,藝外+數位荒原, posted on NO MAN'S LAND (荒原), Issue 3, uploaded 17 March 2012.
  11. 邱誌勇:《台灣與香港新媒體藝術的契機 I:知識主體、感知與實踐》,採訪:貢幼穎/整理:貢幼穎,[New media art: chances for Taiwan and Hong Kong, part I / ,藝外+數位荒原, posted on NO MAN'S LAND (荒原), Issue 3, uploaded 14 March 2012.
  12. Linda Lai: "Non-place, Other Space: the sight-and-sound archive of untold anecdotes for Hong Kong and Macao"; uploaded 19 June 2011.
  13. Jane Chung 钟瑾: "影像——想象香港的第N种方法" [Images: the nth way to imagine Hong Kong] Xinmin Weekly no. 19《新民周刊》2011年第19期(5月16-22日)文化版 culutral page, (Shanghai. (16-22 May 2011.
  14. Linda Lai: "A visual ethnographer's experimental historiography for the city of HK"; uploaded 9 August 2010.
  15. Linda Lai: "After a long while... an interview with me by Shanghai's Art World Magazine"; uploaded 5 August 2010.
  16. Venus Lau, Robin Peckham: "Linda Lai: Non-place, Other Space" in THIS IS HONG KONG, catalogue to accompany the traveling video showcase. 2009. [pdf...]
  17. Kimburley Choi: "Trespassing world cities (Linda Lai 2005)" on the site KIM AND CULTURAL STUDIES; uploaded 31 August 2009.
  18. Kimburley Choi: "Non-place, Other Space (Lai 2009)" on the site KIM AND CULTURAL STUDIES; uploaded 28 August 2009.
  19. Kimburley Choi: "Fragments and Visual Ethnography" on the site KIM AND CULTURAL STUDIES; uploaded 27 August 2009.