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newspaper (selection)
  1. ”Review on Maywa Denki Mechatronica in Hong Kong”


  2. 《半生緣的世界觀:許鞍華訪談錄》,〈書城〉月刊,上海三聯,1998年6月。8-9頁。[Linda Lai, “The Worldview of Eighteen Springs: an interview with Ann Hui” in The Reading Town (monthly), Shanghai: Joint Publishing, June 1998; 8-9.]

  3. 《文學、電影、交叉空間中的張愛玲》,〈文匯電影時報〉(週刊),657期,1998年5月,上海。[Linda Lai, “Literature and Film: Zhang Ailing in the space of Intersection” in Wen Hui Film Times (weekly), Shanghai, no. 657, May 1998.]
  4. 〈女人拍的好戲給誰看?〉,《信報》 (文化版),1998年2月20日,第32頁。 [“Women Made Good Films – for Whom?” Hong Kong Economic Journal (February 20, 1998), p. 32.]
  5. 〈明報〉專欄“我的天空”(短期專欄),1995年7月。