Video Art/Videography.
[solo features/retrospective]
  1. 2023.10.28. Solo screening at M+: 10957 Moons & 30 Elliptical Years 《10957個陰晴圓缺》(58-minute video essay) with an hour-long post-screening moderated presentation, “Temporal & Material Fragments: fragmentation as a critical method, stretching the vocabulary of cinema,” Afterimage, M plus, Hong Kong. [archive]
  2. 2021.02.06-2021.06.13. “Linda Chiu-han Lai: a Retrospective”; at C3A (Center for Contemporary Art, Cordoba, Spain), government of Andalucia [COMING SOON]
  3. 2017.07. “Indi-Visual: Linda Lai,” EXiS 2017 (14th Experimental Film & Video Festival in Seoul), by the Moving Image Forum at the Korean Film Archive, Seoul. [COMING SOON]
  4. 2015.11.14. “Writing the Fracture and Immersion of Memory Texts: Linda Lai Video Art Solo Screening” 《書寫記憶⽂本之斷裂與滲透:黎肖嫻錄像藝術放映》– curated by Bianca Lei for EXiM 2015 (Experimental Film & Video Festival in Macau), at Ox Warehouse, Macau. [COMING SOON]